Commercial Photo Gallery

Thermal Imaging Technology

Manager Tammy Wright uses one of our tools that is used in the field called thermal imaging to pinpoint water damage during an inspection on a commercial property that suffered a 540 gallon water loss affecting 5 floors. Our trained professionals utilize this technology to find water damage and sources of water intrusion quickly.

Team SERVPRO of San Marcos/New Braunfels to the Rescue!

Here at SERVPRO of San Marcos/New Braunfels, when a Large Loss Water job requires emergency assistance, it's all hands on deck!

Sales Manager Tammy Dorsett put forth the initiative to get the job started. At the same time, Large Loss Estimator Demi Hebert and Owner Tammy Wright joined her to make sure things ran accordingly.

Production Managers Travis Wright and Nate Ruhoff worked alongside our trained technicians, Owner, Sales Manager, and Large Loss Estimator to ensure the five floors affected by 540 gallons of water lost per level received the utmost expertise to restore this property back to pre-damaged condition.

Our team is still responding to your property damage needs.

This local church had major water damage and called our team immediately.

We arrived quickly and thankfully we found the mold that was lurking in the structure of the building as well. We began the mitigation and remediation process and the manager was extremely thankful!

Commercial Water Loss

Our team was called out to this commercial facility to clean up after a large water loss. As you can see, the carpet was still soaked when we arrived. We got them back up and running quickly.

Commercial Cleanup

This facility was damaged by a large water loss and our team was quick to respond to the call to clean up and repair the damage after the disaster. If your business has a loss like this, give us a call!

Flooded Facility

This facility was flooded and our team was called in to handle the cleanup and repair. As you can see, there was a lot of water in the facility when our team arrived. We immediately got to work extracting the water.

Professional Equipment

SERVPRO has trained technicians that can use professional equipment for all your restoration needs. This is a humidifier that helps take the moisture out of the air after a water loss. It is important to use after damage to prevent future loss to your home or business. 

Commercial Property with Mold damage

SERVPRO can respond to any type of restoration need in your home or business.  This is a picture of Mold Remediation when arriving on scene.  They have professional technicians who can clean the area effected and return to pre-mold conditions. 

Drywall Removal

SERVPRO can respond to any restoration emergency such as fire, water, mold, or storm.  They have the building and reconstruction services to ensure your home is built back to preloss conditions.  They can board up windows, tarp roofs, removal and dispose drywall etc.

Equipment for Clean up

This is a picture of a professional humidifier used to take the moisture out of the air after water loss.  SERVPRO can equip your property with the right equipment every step of your restoration clean up.

Commercial Water Damage from Storm

SERVPRO has experienced and professional technicians for your storm damage clean up.  We have commercial equipment for extracting and drying water.  Water can cause loss if not responded to immediately.  Our team can respond any time.